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Are You Over Paying in Fees and Hidden Charges?

Credit card processing is a crucial part of your business but it can be time consuming and overwhelming when shopping for merchant services for the first time or, if you already take credit cards, making sure you aren't overpaying in fees or overlooking hidden fees.


That's where having a credit card processing expert, like Jan Osburn, saves you time and money.

"With a free evaluation, I get to know your business, review your current contract and review your statements.  I then offer recommendations as to how you can save money with your current provider or by offering a new provider. "

Compare the Savings

Jan Osburn credit card processi

Would you like to pay zero in fees?

Did you know there was an option where you pay zero fees?  Most businesses don't.

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Payment Processing can be confusing...
Let an expert like Jan Osburn help you navigate through the fine print and find your best rate!

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