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Jan Osburn Baton Rouge

Before relocating to Baton Rouge, I owned a retail company in Oklahoma, Jan's Patio Furniture. We generated over one-million dollars annually. I was satisfied and thrilled with my success.


One day, a representative for a credit card processing company offered to perform a free audit of my credit card contract. I initially told him I was fine with my current services but allowed him to do a review.




In his review he discovered I was over-paying thousands of dollars in processing fees every month.

I made it my mission to educate myself in other areas of my business I may have taken for granted.  Now I share that experience.

As a broker, I am following my passion to help other businesses strengthen their weaknesses. 

About Jan Osburn

The Best Credit Card Processing Expert in Baton Rouge

Contact me today to learn more about how I can save your business money.

I am passionate about helping businesses grow and save money.

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